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EES, Inc. sells odor control products for industrial and institutional use.
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Solid Deodorants

Product Overview

Our solid deodorants combine ease of use with long lasting effectiveness. Our scented beads are sold in the Flow-Fresh perforated bag that allows constant airflow around the beads. The beads slowly release their scent over time making them a cost effective solution to your odor control needs.

Our air freshener beads are available in several convenient packaging solutions.

Our beads are the perfect choice for freshening up hotels, automobiles, health care facilities, sick rooms, campers, RVs or anywhere a fresh inviting aroma is needed.

Liquid Deodorants

Product Overview

For many applications, liquids are the most effective means of controlling unwanted odors. EES provides you a variety of products to help control odors in you business.

Our Liquid Deodorant products have been selected for their high quality and effective performance. Spray-A-Jells spray like a liquid, and evaporate slowly releasing concentrated fragrances. New for this year is our Enzyme Spray-A-Jell that eliminates the source of odors while providing a fresh, long lasting scent.

Our other products contain enzymes that attack the source of the odors, breaking them down with bio-cultures. Try Odor Digestor or Knock-Out. Scrub Bugs is a Cream Cleanser for sinks and drain maintenance.