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Grout Cleaner: New Grout II

A rapidly effective, low odor, non-fuming, high sudsing, acid base detergent for a variety of cleaning and descaling operations, especially designed to make old grout like new again. New Grout II is a concentrated product may be used undiluted for severe encrustation of scale, deposits, alkaline matter, or diluted with water for economical removal of hard water formation of soap scum, corrosion, lime build-up or mortar spatters. This unique formulation combines the chemical strength of blended acids with the emulsification properties of high sudsing synthetic detergents. Cleans debris from brick and masonry surfaces, ceramic tile, mortar stone, and metallic surfaces other than aluminum or magnesium. This product is ideal for cleaning, degreasing, and providing a light etch to concrete floors. Water conditioners assist in film-free rinsing of cleaned surface.

  • Restores grout.
  • Works in minutes. Easy to use.
  • Low odor.


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